Choosing a New King Bed and King Mattress

There’s more to choosing a bed or mattress than meets the eye. If you are looking for a new bed and mattress because yours has worn out and past its sleep date, then the following information may help.

Should you go for a king size bed or a normal double sized bed?

The larger the bed the better. Experts say that people who sleep with a partner are more likely to get less sleep due to sleep disturbance patterns. Buying a larger king size bed will give you both more room and ensure a better nights sleep. A poor nights sleep has been attributed to some health issues – heart disease and high blood pressure.


If you have the bedroom space, I recommend opting for at least a queen size mattress or preferably a best king size mattress.

Choosing a Mattress.

When visiting a bed shop, don’t be afraid to test the beds out and get a feel for how comfortable the mattress is. A firm mattress is generally more comfortable but don’t take too much notice of the manufacturers ratings on firmness – there is no de facto standard for this. best option is to jump onto the bed and lie on it. if you drop off in the shop – you know its the mattress for you.

So what types of mattresses are available?

Inner spring matresses are most common and consist of coiled springs made of steel. It is the stifness of these springs that contribute to the mattresses firmness. Again don’t get bogged down in the technical stuff – just try the bed out. Box spring beds are basically a bed frame or base that supports the mattress. The frame, box spring and mattress are normally designed to work together and should not be mixed with other types of beds.

These beds are good if you are looking for more height for ease of getting in and out of bed,help reduce wear and tare and create a firm base for the mattress to lie. There is now a wide range of different size box spring beds available from high street and online retailers. A memory foam mattress is another option. These are very poopular now because they help in getting a perfect nights sleep, leaving you more energised and ready for a days work.

Memory foam mattresses are more comfortable and made from specialist foam that helps reduce the pressure points when sleeping. They provide firm support for people with back or spine problems and moulds to the shape of your body. Memory foam tops are also available to slip over your existing mattress, a cheaper option if you don’t want to splash out or your existing mattress is not quite ready for the skip yet.

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